Aaptiv Fitness App: 2021 Comprehensive Review

Sherwin Garcia

May 12, 2021

It’s no secret that getting enough exercise and performing stretches provide you with a plethora of health benefits. At present, there are countless options to devise a healthy workout routine, thanks to smart devices and the app store. The key to achieving your fitness goals is finding the app that works for you.  

One of the advantages of having a surplus of fitness apps out there is that there’s something for everyone. However, it can also be a downside since finding the one that fits you and your preferences become more complex.

Enter Aaptiv, one of the more popular fitness apps around. This audio fitness app is similar to getting a personal trainer in your pocket, with thousands of guided workouts available wherever you are.

We thoroughly reviewed the Aaptiv Fitness App to present the pros, cons, and all the information you need to assist you in deciding whether or not to try it yourself.

Review Summary
Early Verdict
What is Aaptiv?
Who is Aaptiv for?
Aaptiv Fitness App Features
Aaptiv Fitness App Pros and Cons
Aaptiv Fitness App Pricing
How to get started with Aaptiv?
Is the Aaptiv Fitness App Worth It?

Review Summary


Exercise anywhere with Aaptiv’s audio-only format
Thousands of workouts available across various categories.
Dozens of new classes added weekly.
Aaptiv Coach designs a daily workout schedule based on your needs.
Music playlists are available in various genres.
You can count on professional trainers to guide you through every workout.
Team and team challenges are available to boost morale and foster a sense of community.


Canceling your subscription can be complicated.
You’re automatically charged a yearly subscription after your free trial has elapsed.

Early Verdict

Aaptiv is an excellent fitness app that allows you to perform quick and easy workouts. The vast number of workouts available increases your chances of finding a routine one that’ll work for you. Aaptiv’s audio-focused format allows you to exercise anywhere, at any time. To ensure it meets your needs, Aaptiv is constantly evolving and adding new functionality. If you opt to sign-up for an annual subscription, you get 45 percent in savings than paying a monthly recurring fee. 

Like most fitness apps these days, Aaptiv starts charging a fee after a free trial period elapses. The free trial varies as some companies offer a 7-day trial, while others provide two weeks up to a month. After which, you will start to pay a recurring membership fee to keep your subscription going.

Love Working Out, Keep Working OutWhat is Aaptiv?

Aaptiv is an audio fitness app that provides guided routines for various exercise styles at any fitness level. It provides a highly personalized experience by tailoring your workout plan to match your preferences and fitness level.

As any fitness enthusiast can attest, workouts can get monotonous, and eventually, boring.

With the Aaptiv fitness app, you’ll gain access to over 2500 classes, with new material being added weekly. Sweat on your preferred time with workouts that take less than 10 minutes to fit into your busy schedule. Whether you’re after a cardio or strength workout, the Aaptiv fitness trainers got you covered!

You can choose among several beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts that range from quick seven-minute exercises to complete training programs. Every single one of these workouts is accompanied by a motivational music playlist and led by a professional trainer. Finally, coaching, challenges, and an active community of Aaptiv members add fun and morale boost to make your experience even more personally satisfying.

Although the app is mainly audio-based, there are also video examples of workouts that you may follow along.

Who is Aaptiv for?

The Aaptiv app is created for users, regardless of fitness level, who want a simple way to stay consistent with their workout routine.

Aaptiv provides workouts ranging from beginner to advanced, although absolute beginners may struggle with the audio format if entirely unfamiliar with how to perform any of the exercises.

Recently, Aaptiv added a video component to some of its programs, including strength training, Pilates, yoga, and even form tips. 

The app is an excellent option for everybody interested in personal training but doesn’t necessarily require interaction with a personal trainer. (Note, however, that Aaptiv isn’t meant to be a replacement for a personalized workout. Instead, it’s for those looking for a general preset gym workout.) 

When you sign up for the app for the first time, you must complete a short questionnaire about your current fitness level and goals. The app will then generate a fitness plan based on your preferences. After that, you’re free to follow the daily workout plans or choose your workout from the list.

You can count on Aaptiv to devise a plan, whether it’s weight loss or a consistent workout regimen especially made for you. 

Aaptiv Fitness App Features


Aaptiv Coach

This feature is one of the reasons why Aaptiv is more than just any other fitness app. When you sign up for the first time, Aaptiv asks a series of questions about your fitness goals, such as whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, or run faster. It gathers data on your current fitness level, the duration of your workouts on average, the types of workouts you enjoy, and your preference when it comes to music. 

Aaptiv uses this information to develop a personalized fitness program that includes daily workouts at the level you initially selected until you decide to increase the difficulty and proceed to the next level.

Aaptiv Workouts

One of the main selling points of Aaptiv is its impressive array of workout options to make sure you remain engaged and focused in all your workout sessions. They include the following: 

  • Treadmill
  • Strength training
  • Walking
  • Stretching
  • Outdoor running
  • Stairclimber
  • Pilates
  • Elliptical
  • Indoor Cycling AKA spin class
  • Barre
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Sleep 
  • Race training (e.g., 5K or half marathon)

Every single one is fully customizable. You may choose the type of workout you want to do, then filter the duration, level of difficulty, Aaptiv coach, and finally, the music genre/theme of the workout you want to use.

Aaptiv also offers specified training programs designed to keep you accountable and focused on achieving your fitness goals. 

Included in the list of programs are: 

  • Maternity
  • Stay Fit
  • Run Faster
  • Get Stronger
  • Lose Weight
  • Reduce stress

As indicated on their website, Aaptiv currently offers more than 2500 classes and adds 30 classes with fresh content every week. Consistently adding new material is good since not many people want to perform the same old routine every time they log in. 

Instead of performing random workouts on cardio equipment, you can now opt for a virtual class. It’s a way better option if you want to break a sweat but not do much thinking. 

In the case of elliptical workouts, they’re certainly less boring when an audio guide accompanies your workout. You’ll find yourself to be much more engaged as you go further into your fitness journey.

Aaptiv Audio Fitness App

Personalized Music

Before, you can only choose workouts by music genre, and that’s the only control you had when it comes to workout music. Understandably, many didn’t like that they aren’t allowed to choose their own. 

Today, at the start of your Aaptiv workout, the app allows you to pick your music! You may stick with the original playlist or switch to other music genres, such as pop, hip hop, house, electronic, rock, chill, and ambient beats. You can also opt for music from your own collection!

As a bonus, there’s also the option to skip a song in your playlist. It’s no secret that a lousy song can be demotivating, so having this choice is a big plus.

Lastly, music keeps playing after you’re done with your workout. This feature allows you to proceed to the next part of your routine without interrupting your focus since you no longer have to search nor manually play the next song.

These new music options are a fantastic addition to the app.

Aaptiv Trainers

Aaptiv trainers are industry experts, many of whom hold certifications from reputable organizations such as NASM and ISSA. In total, Aaptiv has five master trainers and ten resident trainers in charge of developing and updating content regularly.

Each class is led by a trainer who will motivate you on every part of the workout routine until you move on to the next stage. You can find more information about the trainers on the Aaptiv website, where each of them has recorded short videos introducing themselves.

Team Challenges

According to research, being a part of a team increases the likelihood of adhering to your fitness goals. This part is where Aaptiv’s Team Challenges come in, offering an effective way to gain moral support and a little friendly competition in the app.

Every Monday, Team Challengers begin. If you skip a week, you can participate again the following week. Once you participate in a challenge, it becomes your new weekly target and is included in your daily plan by the Aaptiv coach. Team challenges include the following:

  • 20 for 20 (built around 20 workouts, each of which you’ll need to complete within 20 minutes)
  • Summer Bootcamp
  • First 5K
  • Fastest 5K

You may sign-up for any of the team challenges within the app. Participants are then divided into smaller groups, and each group is divided into two teams that play against each other to promote friendly competition. You win points for your team every time you complete the assigned workouts. Each group has its own feed, where team members can support and hold one another accountable. This setup creates a very positive and constructive fitness atmosphere for many of the Aaptiv users.


If you’re looking for a sense of community minus the competition, Aaptiv still has you covered. Team is Aaptiv’s in-app community, which began as an offshoot of a Facebook group of nearly 33,000 members. Team is different from Team Challenges since there’s no competition involved. Once you complete an Aaptiv workout, the app will ask you to share it by posting to the Team feed, where other Aaptiv members provide inspiration and support.

Aaptiv Videos

The addition of video workouts is a massive step toward increasing the usefulness of the Aaptiv system. Although Aaptiv provides helpful visual exercise guides in the app, audio-only formats have limitations in fitness. Completing an audio yoga lesson, for example, is challenging if you don’t know the poses.

Video by Aaptiv, one of the latest features to be rolled out, provides a new option to access the workouts and even trainers from the app. You can choose from more than 30 classes covering topics in yoga, stretching, barre, strength training, among many others.

Aaptiv Fitness App: Pros and Cons



Since most of them are in an audio-only format, you can comfortably perform the Aaptiv workout routines anywhere, whether at home or the gym. 

When compared to video-guided workouts, this design has a more on-the-go feel. Not to mention, audio-only workouts are likely to be still accessible when your WIFI is too weak to stream video content.  

Recently, Aaptiv added a video component to select programs, including Pilates, strength training, and yoga (including form tips). This update is an excellent development, especially for beginners who are yet to get acquainted with fitness movements.

More Pros of the Aaptiv App are as follows:

  • New workout routines added weekly
  • Access to over 2500+  on-demand audio-guided workouts led by one of Aaptiv’s certified personal trainers.
  • Customize a well-rounded workout program with a wide range of options
  • Schedule workouts at your preferred time to boost consistency and accountability
  • Choose workouts based on your set goals
  • You can download workout sessions for offline use.
  • Offers workouts of varying lengths to suit your hectic schedule
  • Excellent sound quality that makes hearing the trainer’s instructions a breeze.
  • Preset playlists with BPMs that match the given workout, making it simple to find your rhythm and zone out to the music.
  • Workouts for cardio equipment, such as treadmills and elliptical machines (a feature that isn’t available on other platforms out there)
  • Eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment like a fancy spin bike. You can perform Aaptiv cardio workouts on any equipment you have available. 
  • Reasonably priced. Aaptiv costs $15 per month or $99 a year, with a 7-day free trial. 


As is the case with other fitness apps, you will not receive feedback regarding your form. That’s why you need to make sure you understand how to execute moments correctly and safely. This isn’t necessarily a con per se, but a striking disadvantage among all fitness applications.  

The noticeable cons of the Aaptiv App include: 

  • It doesn’t come with integrated meal plans at the moment. 
  • The app doesn’t always provide modifications. You need to be prepared with some that work for you to avoid overdoing any routines.
  • There was a time when you couldn’t use your own music while working out. The app now lets you select music from preset playlists or even use your own during each session. 
  • Another possible con is that Aaptiv doesn’t come with a free plan. You do get a free 7-day trial as a first-time user of the app.  

This is How I Aaptiv

Aaptiv Fitness App Pricing

The Aaptiv app costs $15 per month or $99 annually ($8.25 a month on average). You can sign up for a free 7-day trial. The free trial is a reasonable period to explore the app and evaluate if it’s worth it to proceed to the paid subscription.

A few years back, I was able to sign-up for an annual membership at a lower rate, but this type of promotion isn’t always available.

It’s interesting to note that the monthly and annual rates of $15 and $99, respectively, are still way more affordable than taking up private studio classes. Plus, a paid app rids you of annoying ad interruptions while getting only high-quality content.  

How to Get Started with the Aaptiv Fitness App?

You can sign up with Aaptiv via their website or the app itself.  The process is essentially the same, with a few slight differences. Signing up with a link from partner websites gets you a special 30-day free trial, which is about four times the usual free trial duration.

Before you create an account on the website, you must first accomplish an introductory questionnaire. In contrast, you can’t get past the initial introductory screen on the app until you finish creating an account.

In either case, getting started involves signing up for an account, completing the introductory survey, and entering your payment details. Even if you are signing up for a free trial, the system will still ask you to provide payment information before being granted access. Start your morning, end your night

Is the Aaptiv Fitness App Worth It? 

The Aaptiv fitness app offers a wealth of value for a very affordable price. (Imagine hiring a personal trainer for a monthly fee of $8!) It’s a comprehensive exercise app that offers various fitness and wellness choices to make your life easier.

You can use the app as a standalone exercise regimen or as an addition to your existing fitness plan to have more variety.

If you’re struggling to accomplish your workout routine, using a fitness app such as Aaptiv helps you get the most out of every session. Using the app is as simple as pressing the play button on your phone. 

Whether you’re looking to move on from your gym membership or add variety to your existing regimen, Aaptiv is certainly worth a look.  


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