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Bodytrends Exercise Ball

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Style: Smooth
Size: 65cm
Model Number: 5931
Diameter: 55cm/65cm/75cm
Color: red/blue/silver/purple/pink/purple
Application: Body, Hand, Foot, Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Back
Pump: not include in the package


Why Bodytrends Exercise Ball?

Are you looking for a product that will strengthen your core, improve your balance, flexibility, and fix your posturing? The Bodytrends Exercise Ball is what you need, its easy to use, durable and will get you in shape in no time. You can incorporate your workout routines to improve and maximize the effect. It’s better than using a bench for doing those dumbbell fly’s it will support your back and fix your posture at the same time you improve your balance while working out. The Bodytrends Exercise Ball is easy to inflate and deflate for you to easily store when not needed, and since its durable, it won’t be easily torn even if deflated. 



Find neutral spine position.

Learn proper posture.

Increase lumbar (low back) mobility.

Increase abdominal and back muscle strength.

Increase balance and stability.

Develop overall control and strength of the core body muscles.

Learn to lift properly.



Type: Smooth

Color: red/blue/silver/purple/pink/purple

Diameter: 55cm/65cm/75cm

Note: Pump is not included



How do you inflate?

An auto adapter for inflation works well.

How much weight can it hold?

It can hold around 250lbs - 300lbs

Does that explode?

No, due to its thick layers it won’t but with excessive air of punctured, it will deflate.

How long can I exercise with this?

Around 20-30 mins a day will be fine and will fix your posture.

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