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Bodytrends Medicine Ball

Bodytrends Medicine Ball

Bodytrends Medicine Ball

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Material: PU
Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
Size: 35cm
Model Number: GG442
Capacity Weight: 2-12KG
Filling or not: Not Filling
Filling Materials: Iron sand, sand, useless fabrics...
Size: 35cm
Accessories: Attached in the ball


Why Bodytrends Medicine Ball?

Looking for a gym equipment to boost your strength training? I got the right equipment for you the Bodytrends Medicine Ball will not only drastically improve your strength training but also your whole body. You can do numerous exercises that will strengthen all your muscle groups, improve your squats, triceps, biceps, and more. Bodytrends Medicine Ball is your ab’s partner its good for your abdominals, you can do lunges with chest twists, standing twists alone or as a pair, core works, and more. 


  • Develop Explosive Power and Build Body Strength
  • Enhance Speed, Movement Accuracy for Physical Preparedness
  • Provide Versatile, Full-body Workouts
  • Improve Rehabilitation Effort After Injuries
  • Enhance Socialization Skill and Teamwork



Material: PU

Size: 35cm

Weight Capacity: 2-12kg



Is the ball already filled upon receiving?

The ball is empty, you can fill with small bags of sand to achieve a 2-12kg of weight.

What can we fill the ball with?

You can fill with old clothes or small bags of sand depending on what weight you want to achieve. Do avoid putting sharp or rough objects in the ball.

Is the ball durable?

Yes, its made from polyurethane leather and is stitched well to be durable.

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