Liver Cleanse Juice Recipes: Liver Purifier Detox Juices

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The liver is one of the main organs responsible for helping us stay healthy. It’s an essential organ known to have numerous functions, including manufacturing protein and other blood clotting factors, production of bile, triglycerides, cholesterol, and glycogen synthesis. 

Further, it plays an important role in maintaining not just the digestive and immune system but the metabolism and detoxification system as well. Given these essential functions your liver performs, it’s critical to ensure its health. One of the ways to do this is by DIY juice cleansing with the tasty liver cleanse juice recipes listed in this article. 


What does the Liver Do? 

Before getting to the liver cleanse juice recipes, let’s first go over the list of things the liver does for the human body. 

The liver, the largest internal organ in the body, is responsible for over 500 functions that keep you healthy. Some of the top responsibilities it performs include:  

  • Convert nutrients from the food you eat into substances your body can use. (your liver stores these substances for distribution once needed). 
  • Maintain the consistency of your blood sugar levels 
  • Aids in the metabolization of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats 
  • Helps strengthen your immune system to fight off infection 
  • Helps the cells flush out harmful toxins.


Reasons Why You Need to Detoxify Your Liver 


Breathing Polluted Air 

The air around you is possibly filled with pollutants. Prolonged exposure to polluted air coming from first or second-hand smoke, car exhaust, and different types of industrial byproducts is equally harmful to your liver and lungs. Toxins that breathe through your lungs need to go through your liver to be processed. Once the toxic air you breathe overloads your liver, detoxification needs to be done right away.   

Lack of Proper Sleep 

Getting a full night’s sleep of at least eight hours is essential, not only for you to get beautiful skin but also to ensure that your liver continues to function smoothly. If you don’t get enough rest once the liver jumpstarts the digestion process, it will likely be hardpressed to function optimally. 

Overeating Processed and Saturated Food 

For your body to absorb processed or saturated food, your liver must work twice as hard. So, if you regularly consume processed fats like corn or peanut oil, as well as fried foods, you can just imagine the amount of harm your liver needs to endure. These types of food are not only difficult to digest and break down, but they also produce numerous harmful byproducts that damage your liver. 

Too Much Intake of Processed Carbohydrates 

Processed carbohydrates, like processed foods, can also have an impact on your liver. Processed carbs are found in sugary drinks, white bread, spaghetti, and candy. If you consume any of these products regularly, your liver will have to work extra hard to break down and digest the processed carbohydrates. Then, it will be harder for your liver to maintain your blood sugar levels and eliminate the harmful compounds found in these food items. 


Liver Juice Cleanse Recipes


Lemon Juice 

  • ½ lemon peeled
  • ¼ – ½ tsp of  organic turmeric powder 
  • a dab of raw honey
  1. Place the peeled lemon into your juicer. 
  2. Pour the lemon juice into a glass. 
  3. Add honey and turmeric. 
  4. Serve with ice. 

Beetroot Juice


  • 1 small beetroot chopped
  • 1 cucumber
  • 4 apples (can be a mixture of Granny Smith and Pink Lady) 
  • ¼ cup mint leaves
  • 1 small celery (leaves removed) 
  • Ginger (optional) 


  1. Add all the ingredients to a cold-pressed juicer. 
  2. You may put an additional apple if you want a sweeter taste. 
  3. Serve with ice for a more refreshing drink. 

Orange Juice

  • 4 oranges — washed, peeled, and cut 
  • 2 carrots — washed, peeled, and chopped
  • 1 tomato — washed and chopped 
  • Ice cubes (if you want the juice chilled) 
  • 2.5 cups to 3 cups water, depending on your preferred juice consistency 
  1. Add chopped tomatoes and carrots to the mixer grinder jar, then grind. 
  2. Add orange pieces and ensure the seeds are removed to prevent a bitter taste. 
  3. Blend the mixture well. (Optional: add honey or sugar around 1tbsp for additional sweetness.) 
  4. Add water and blend all together.
  5. Sieve the juice in a bowl to remove tomato and orange skins. 
  6. Add the ice cubes. Mix well. 
  7. Pour in a serving glass and enjoy! 


Carrot Juice 

  • ½ lemon 
  • 2.3 oz. ginger 
  • 2.5 lbs carrots 
  1. Peel and clean the ginger and carrots. 
  2. Blend both to a fine juice. 
  3. Squeeze the lemon in the mixture. 
  4. Pour in a glass and serve fresh.  

Green Juice  

  • 1 bunch kale chopped
  • 1 large lemon peeled and quartered   
  • 1 large cucumber cut into long strips  
  • 2 pcs. large green apples cored and sliced  
  • 4 whole celery stalks 
  1. Wash the veggies thoroughly. 
  2. Juice the ingredients in the order listed. 
  3. Drink right away. Enjoy! 
  4. If you don’t fancy pulp, you may strain the ingredients through a sieve. 

Liver Cleanse Juice Ingredients Nutrition Facts 


Beetroot contains high amounts of betalains, a known class of antioxidants. Studies show that beetroot protects against oxidative damage to the liver. 

 Research findings also indicate that beetroot assists in lowering blood pressure, reduces the chances of inflammation, and promoting healthier circulation and blood flow.


Carrot juice is one of the most popular non-fruit juices that tastes good on its own. It has an excellent nutritional profile and has been demonstrated in studies to benefit the liver.

According to research, they are rich in retinoic acid, which has a protective effect on the liver. Results show that carrot juice can improve liver functioning, which may benefit non-alcoholic fatty liver disease cases.


Celery is best known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. For this reason and celery’s general availability, it has become the main ingredient in various body cleanse and detox recipes.

Research data shows that celery regulates elevated liver enzymes (aspartate aminotransferase AST, alanine aminotransferase ALT, and alkaline phosphatase ALP) as well as blood lipids.


Lemon or lime juice enhances your body’s overall ability to cleanse and detox naturally and effectively. For your liver, it helps regulate elevated levels of serum ALT and AST liver enzymes, as well as triacylglycerol and lipid peroxidation.

Spinach, Kale, and Greens

Spinach contains antioxidants. It protects the liver from oxidative stress. On the other hand, kale contains phytochemicals that help with detoxification. Meanwhile, celery’s antioxidant properties aid in the body’s cleansing process and helps regulate liver enzymes and blood fats.


Key Takeaways

There are many juices and drinks that are very effective in helping cleanse and detoxify your liver. As many as they are, you’d want to ensure that you’re also getting enough energy to support your daily tasks and the nutrients your body needs. 

You’d most likely prefer juices that make you feel all fueled up and ready to get the most out of your day, which is what the liver cleanse juices listed here provide exactly.  

Make sure to do what you can to support your liver. Be mindful of the food you eat. Reduce your toxic load, eat organic when possible, use non-toxic cleaners, and drink alcoholic beverages in moderation. 

Finally, grab the opportunity to spend time at the beach, countryside, or mountains where the air is cleaner. Doing these things will help your liver to continue functioning at its best.

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