Ninja BL770 Blender Review

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Health and Wellness, Juice Cleansing

With so many great features to offer, not to mention its reasonable price, you shouldn’t be surprised that many people thought highly of the Ninja BL770 Blender.

But how good really is the BL770? Is it truly worth investing in? To answer these and other questions, you need to get to know the blender. Below, we’ll take a look at its features, pros and cons, and everything in between.

Overview of the Ninja BL770 Blender

First introduced around eight years ago, the BL770 is the successor to Ninja’s BL773CO blender. But unlike the BL773CO, the Ninja BL770 blender is capable of performing other tasks aside from making your favorite shakes and smoothies. It’s practically one of the brand’s first multi-functional kitchen appliances, serving both as a blender and as a food processor.

Product Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Weight: 9.2 lbs
  • Maximum Blender Capacity: 72 oz
  • Motor Wattage: 1,500 W
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Package Inclusions

  • 72-ounce plastic pitcher
  • 64-ounce food processing bowl
  • Two 16-ounces cups (with travel lids).
  • 4-blade and 6-blade assemblies
  • Dough blade and single-serve blade
  • Owner’s manual

Notable Features of the Ninja BL770

High-Volume Blender Capacity

The Ninja BL770 comes with a 72-ounce pitcher, allowing you to make large quantities of your favorite shakes and smoothies. The package also includes a 64-ounce round bowl, as well as a couple of 16-ounce single serving blender cups to make your blending experience even better.

Top-Notch Plastic Containers

The BL770’s pitches, bowls, and cups are made from lightweight yet heavy-duty plastic, ensuring each container is scratch resistant and making it easier for you to lift and handle them. Plus, the plastic materials used are 100% BPA-free and environment-friendly.

Breathtaking Pulverizing Power

With its 1,500-watt motor, the Ninja BL770 blender can liquify any fruits and vegetables in a matter of seconds. Even tough ingredients like ice and nuts don’t stand a chance against it!

Built-In Food Processor

As one of Ninja’s first multi-functional blenders, the BL770 doubles up as a food processor to help you chop, mince, and grind a wide range of ingredients. This allows you to prepare your favorite dips and dishes more easily and without compromising their quality. You can even make your favorite ice cream with it!

Multiple Settings and Blade Choices

The Ninja BL770 blender comes with three settings (high, low, individual) and a pulse function, enabling you to process different food types. As for blades, each unit comes with a 4- and 6- blade assembly, a dough blade, and a single-serve blade.

Pros and Cons of the Ninja BL770

Based on the features listed above, you can safely assume that choosing the Ninja BL770 blender over others has many advantages. However, you should know that this amazing kitchen appliance isn’t without its downsides. So before buying one, you need to know its strengths and weaknesses first.


  • Classic Design. The BL770’s black and transparent motifs give it quite a traditional blender look.
  • Budget-Friendly Kitchen Appliance. At $199, the BL770 blender is one of the more affordable ones out there. Furthermore, buying a unit through Amazon will get you hefty discounts.
  • Increased Juice Quantity. Thanks to its high-capacity containers, this Ninja blender can help you make and enjoy large quantities of your favorite shakes, smoothie, and other beverages.
  • Multi-Functional Blender. As mentioned earlier, the BL770 can double up as a food processor, allowing you to make dips and dishes as well as beverages.
  • Tamper-Free System. The Ninja BL770 blender comes with anti-tamper features that prevent the product from getting sabotaged or damaged.
  • Easy to Clean Unit. The BL770 can easily be dismantled for cleaning or repairs. Moreover, the plastic containers and other parts can be safely placed inside your dishwasher for easier cleaning.


  • Old Product. As it was first introduced around eight years ago, the Ninja BL770 blender is a relatively old model. However, a newer version is currently available on Amazon and other online stores.
  • Bulky Profile. The BL770 is very bulky for a blender, making storing it a bit challenging especially if you live in a small home.
  • No Walk-Away Blending Program. You need to stay with your BL770 blender during the entire juicing process, which can put you off if you have a busy lifestyle.
  • Not Capable of Handling Hot Liquids. Despite its versatility, you can’t rely on the BL770 for making hot soups or drinks.
  • Loud Performance. Like many other Ninja blenders, the BL770 is notorious for its noisy performance. If you live in a peaceful neighborhood, then you might be better off with another brand.

How We Rate the Ninja BL770

To further know the capabilities of Ninja BL770 Blender, we decided to test it based on ease-of-use, features, customer service, and value for money. Below is our scores for this unit (with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest):

Ease-of-Use (4 out of 5)

Though still easy to use, there’s a learning curve when using the Ninja BL770 blender. You’ll have to refer to the owner’s manual constantly during your first days with this kitchen appliance. But after that, using this blender will become simpler and more straightforward.

Features (5 out of 5)

As far as features go, the BL770 definitely has top-notch ones. From its light but heavy-duty containers to its multiple blade and speed settings, it can deliver on its promises quite spectacularly. The best part is, it doubles up as a food processor, allowing you to make other things aside from your favorite drinks.

Customer Service (3 out of 5)

The page for the BL770 on Ninja’s official website has room for improvement. Nonetheless, it will still help you get a glimpse of the blender’s amazing features. And while it doesn’t have a chatbox for inquiries, the page still provides a feedback and survey form to improve customer experience.

Value for Money (5 out of 5)

At $199, the Ninja BL770 blender definitely gives you your money’s worth. For that price, you get to enjoy a blender and food processor in one appliance, alongside countless amazing features unavailable elsewhere. Plus, you can get discounts by buying a unit through online selling platforms like Amazon.

FAQs About the Ninja BL770

While the features, pros, and cons above will certainly help you get to know the Ninja BL77- blender better, it still doesn’t cover everything. So if you still have any questions regarding the product, please refer to the FAQ list below.

How long is the power cord?

The BL770’s power cord is 48 inches or 2 feet long. This allows you to set up the blender near your work area if desired.

What is Total Crushing technology?

This is one of the features you’ll enjoy from the BL770. It allows the unit’s blades to crush hard ingredients and ice within seconds.

What Can’t I Blend with the BL770?

The BL770 is strong enough to handle frozen or tough ingredients. However, it’s not capable of handling hot liquids.

How do I clean the blender?

Either by hand washing or via your dishwasher. When handwashing, use warm, soapy water to clean the containers and removable plastic components. Use a damp cloth to wipe the motor base clean, and be careful when cleaning the blades.


Ninja BL770 Blender
While not perfect, the Ninja BL770 blender is still one of the best blenders out there for juicing fruits and vegetables. So if you’re looking for a new blender to make your favorite beverages, then you should seriously consider getting this one.

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