People To Invite for Next Year’s 15 Minute Stretch Routine

Isaias Lijauco

December 31, 2021

Stretching for at least 15 minutes per day is a great activity for lengthening muscles and improving your mental well-being. Still, it’s a hard habit to start, much less maintain. One of the best ways to keep you motivated is to go through it with someone else. So in case you want to make stretching part of your day-to-day routine this coming 2022, best invite the following people over on your first session.

Family Members

Obviously, the best people to invite for your first stretching session this 2022 would be the ones closest to your heart. By asking family members to do some stretching exercises with you, you’ll be able to become fitter together. It’s also a great way to introduce stretching in your home, as watching your loved ones do it will keep you motivated. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together aside from doing some low-impact exercises before the New Year. So list out the stretching exercises that every single family member can do (you can ask their suggestions, too), and try doing it regularly starting this January.

Out-of-Shape Friend

But if you find the idea of exercising with your family somewhat repulsive (that’s normal in some cases), you can invite your out-of-shape friend instead. Just make sure they’re just as interested as you in getting fitter this 2022. Otherwise, you may come off as patronizing and put them off from spending time with you in the future. Also, you should discuss the exercises you’ll do with them first. To keep both of you motivated, stick with simpler stretches before working your way through harder ones. And to track your progress, take pictures of yourselves monthly.

Athletic Friend

Or you can choose to invite an athletic friend for your first stretching session instead. Doing so can be beneficial for you in at least two ways. First, they know more about stretching than you do since they rely on it for lengthening their muscles or increasing their flexibility. By inviting them over your first session, they’ll be able to help you develop the right habits. Second, seeing someone athletic stretch will keep you motivated, and it will set the bar you need to achieve.

Gym Buddy

But if none of your friends are interested in stretching and lengthening muscles (and you don’t have any athletic buddies), then you can simply invite a fellow gym member to stretch with you. Doing so is not only a great way to make new friends, but it will also help both of you enjoy better results from your workout routines. And like an athletic pal, they may help you learn the basics of stretching if you’re new to it.

Fun-Loving Pet

Lastly, you can have your pet near your Jade Yoga Mat in case you fail to get someone to join you on your first stretching routine. Your furry pals may not be able to do the stretching exercises, but they’ll at least keep you company while you flex your limbs. Just make sure they don’t disturb you whenever you’re doing some serious poses (even if they did, the entire session will still be better for it).

Make Stretching a Habit This 2022

2022 is a great year to start over and become a better version of yourself. By adding 15-minute stretches in your daily routine, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a better, fitter person. And by inviting people to your sessions, you’ll keep it fun and interesting.

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