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Bodytrends Jump Rope

Bodytrends Jump Rope

Bodytrends Jump Rope

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Department Name: MEN
Model Number: S96790054
Type: Single Skip Rope
Material: Other
Length: 2.8 m (Personal)
Function: Body


Why Bodytrends Jump Rope?

Are you looking for a high-intensity workout? Well, we have the solution for you, its not your regular jump rope its Bodytrends Jump Rope thee weighted jump rope. Designed to give you a high-intensity workout targeting muscles from your feet to your back and your arms. Ordinary jump ropes weigh 160g but Bodytrends Jump Rope weighs 330g to increase calorie burning effect, increased muscle engagement, improved cardio, and mental sharpness. 

Bodytrends Jump Rope’s safe to you use for both adults and children, with adjustable 9 inches of cable length that can be adjusted according to your height. Its non-slip handle designed is to be amazed of combined with the dual ball bearing system and slight cable can pass through the air quickly, thus increasing the speed.



Jump Rope Handle Length: 6inch. 

Fitness Speed Rope Length: 9feet.



Material: PVC + Steel Wire + Plastic + Bearing

Color: Black with Red/Blue/Green Lining

Size: handle length 16 cm, wire rope length 3 cm, rope diameter 4 mm (rope length can be adjusted according to height).



What difference does the extra weight do?

It will increase the calories burned, muscle engagement, improve your cardio, and more due to its added weight after prolonged use.

Is this safe?

Yes, all our products are made to be user-friendly and durable

Do you have other colors?

The red, blue and green are the colors we have, for now, please leave a comment of what color you have in mind so we can add them to our line of product colors.


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