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Bodytrends Magnetic Resistance Bicycle Trainer

Bodytrends Magnetic Resistance Bicycle Trainer

Bodytrends Magnetic Resistance Bicycle Trainer

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Brand Name: deuter
Model Number: MT-04
Magnetic resistances adjustment: 6 Levels
Available for: 26-28" MTB, 700 C Road Bike with quick release rear wheel
Feature 1: Adjust freely with the front controller, No need get off the bike
Feature 2: Set Up easily, the package includes all accessories, no need for other tools
Feature 3: Extra wide frame provides maximum stability
Feature 4: Foldable to storage
Feature 5: Quick release skewer, Front wheel Riser Block Included


Why Bodytrends Magnetic Resistance Bicycle Trainer?

You want to ride a bike but you’re on a tight schedule? We got the solution for you the Bodytrends Magnetic Resistance Bicycle Trainer, its quick mount and has a triangular structure to improve stability. Its the best way to keep your regular riding schedule going even on bad weather, good for warmup or cooling down before or after a bicycle race or competition, keep your fitness level up by working out indoors. 

Bodytrends Magnetic Resistance Bicycle Trainer has 6 resistance levels to simulate easy roads, hills, and more. It can be mounted by most bike types and it is easy to store due to its foldable feature. 



Boosts Cardio Fitness

It can Help with Weight Loss

Burns Body Fat

Provides a Low-impact workout

Strengthens Legs and Lower Body Muscles

Allows for Interval Training

Safer than Road Cycling.



Lv1 60km/h 398.87w

Lv2 60km/h 442.08w

Lv3 60km/h 542.83w

Lv4 60km/h 641.51w

Lv5 60km/h 705.72w

Lv6 60km/h 730.44w



Color: Black/Red/Yellow

Application: 26-28 inches and 700C wheel

Material: Steel

Capacity: 135kg

Weigh: 10.15kg



Is this noisy?

No, we used a maximum noise-reduction magnetic wheel roller on our product to reduce noise.

Is this safe?

Yes, its made from 100% steel to provide heavy durability.

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