Why Do Basic Stretching Everyday?



Stretching is an often-neglected routine in most exercise regimens. But not only will it enable you to perform your best while at the gym; it will also help you maintain a comfortable lifestyle at home.

Is Basic Stretching Good for You?

Yes, it is! According to Glenn Shi, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon from Mayo Clinic, stretching comes with at least three benefits:

  1. It can increase your joints’ range of motion
  2. It can improve your athletic performance
  3. It can dramatically reduce your risk of injury


Aside from the physical benefits it brings, stretching also does wonders for your mental health. For one thing, it helps alleviate stress since more oxygen and blood flow to your brain. Plus, it can decrease tension headaches, which can severely interfere with your daily activities.


At any rate, you should include stretching to your daily exercise routine. Otherwise, you’ll miss these and countless other key benefits.



Why Stretch Before or After Working Out?


Stretching before hitting the gym helps make your muscles become more pliable. This optimizes your performance during cardio and strength exercises, as well as reduces your risk of injury. So better stretch the muscles you’re playing to work on before you start.


Meanwhile, you need to do post-workout stretches because your muscles at that time are warm and very responsive to its benefits. In other words, there’s no better time to make your muscles more flexible than after your gym session.

So Why Do Basic Stretching Everyday?



Simply put, because it can improve your muscle’s elasticity, granting you better muscle flexibility, range of motion, and control. This allows you to gradually achieve a better, more comfortably toned physique. So if you haven’t yet, make stretching part of your daily routine.


If you don’t know where to start, then we have a beginner’s guide that lists a couple of great basic stretching exercises, along with a few useful stretching tips. Download it and try those moves out!

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