Why Have a 3-Day Gut Cleanse Before Christmas Dinner

Isaias Lijauco

December 10, 2021

Gut health is very important for several reasons. For one thing, it helps the good microbes in your system keep you physically and mentally healthy. It also enables your digestive tracts to process food more easily, giving you more nutrients in the process. And best of all, it will help you maintain optimal weight and avoid obesity. So before sitting down for this year’s Christmas dinner, you’d better do your intestines a favor and have a 3-day gut cleanse first.

What is a 3-Day Gut Cleanse?

Gut cleansing (AKA colon cleansing) offers a simple yet effective way to detoxify your colon. It involves eating the right foods (and avoiding some), drinking lots of water, and getting physically active. Doing certain activities like stretching will also help your body naturally cleanse your colon and improve your gut health. By doing a 3-day gut cleanse before your Christmas dinner, you’ll basically prep up your stomach for what’s to come, making your experience a whole lot more enjoyable.

Benefits of Gut Cleansing

A gut cleanse won’t just prepare your stomach for Christmas Dinner, though! Aside from making your meals more enjoyable, it will bring the following benefits, too.

Smoother Digestive System

Gut cleansing is a great way to remove waste from your digestive system. This essentially enables it to process more food and deliver more nutrients throughout your body. At the same time, it aids in regulating your digestive processes, allowing your tracts to respond more quickly to food intake. This reduces your likelihood of encountering problems like constipation, hemorrhoids, and varicose veins.

Better Nutrient Absorption

Through gut cleansing, your body will be able to absorb more vitamins and minerals as well. This is because it helps your digestive system break down and process food more effectively. By doing a juice cleanse, you’ll remove virtually every obstacle standing in your colon’s way. This will enable it to do its job without any hindrances, resulting in more nutrients. And since gut cleansing improves circulation to a degree, this means more essential vitamins and minerals will be flowing throughout your body.

Increased Body Energy

Gut cleansing not only helps remove waste in your digestive system; it will help you get rid of toxins lurking around your other system, too. This will eventually lead to you feeling more rejuvenated and energized, allowing you to go through your day-to-day activities with more gusto.

Improved Concentration

Deficient diet and vitamin absorption can leave you with poorer mental faculties, giving you less focus, concentration, and alertness in the process. By routinely doing a gut cleanse, you’ll be able to get rid of the mucous and toxin build-up in your colon, which is most likely what’s causing your diet and nutrient absorption to go haywire in the first place.

Faster Weight Loss

Lastly, gut cleansing will help you lose weight more quickly. Again, this is because of the cleanse helping your digestive and excretory systems improve their processes. By simultaneously improving digestive functions and removing waste, your body will be able to eventually shed its excess weight.

Risks of Gut Cleansing

Although gut cleansing can bring loads of benefits, it’s not without its downsides. Below are some of the risks you’ll face in case you decide to go through it.

Increased Chance of Dehydration

While gut cleansing does lead to a cleaner digestive system and faster weight loss, it can also lead to dehydration. To prevent this, you need to drink lots of fluids during your cleanse. That way, you can avoid problems like dizziness, kidney failure, and other problems.

Vomiting, Nausea, and Cramps

Gut cleansing can lead to vomiting, nausea, and cramps as well. However, this is usually faced by people who are doing the cleanse for the first time. By taking the necessary precautions beforehand (i.e., consulting your doctor, drinking plenty of water, etc.), you’ll be able to avoid these issues.

Electrolyte Imbalance

Electrolyte imbalance is another risk you might face when doing gut cleanse. In case you don’t know, electrolytes help maintain the integrity of your nerve and muscle cells. If it’s too high or too low, your organs will malfunction, leading to various life-threatening conditions.

Digestive Microbe Imbalance

Colon cleanses can help you rid your body of any waste, including bad bacteria. Nevertheless, it also leaves you more vulnerable to new unhealthy microbes. Unchecked, this will cause an imbalance in your digestive system’s microbiome.

Decreased Medication Absorption

Then there’s the potential interference with medication absorption during the gut cleanse. If you’re currently taking any meds, then you should know that gut cleansing can hinder it somewhat. So best consult your doctor first before starting the process.

Why Do It Before Christmas Dinner?

So now that you know the benefits (and potential risks) you’ll encounter during a gut cleanse, time to check out why you need to do it prior to your yearly Christmas dinner.

To Prep Up Your Digestive System

To fully enjoy your Christmas dinner, you need to attend it with an empty stomach. And what better way to purge your stomach than to do a 3-day gut cleanse before the date! Through the cleansing, you’ll remove any waste, toxins, and unhealthy bacteria in your digestive system, leaving it ready to take on the food you’ll consume.

To Have Better Conversations

It’s hard to keep up with a conversation if you’re unfocused. Thankfully, gut cleansing helps restore your mental faculties back to normal. With your mind and concentration resharpened, you’ll be able to enjoy interacting with the people at your table. In turn, they’ll be able to enjoy your company. And you’ll be able to exchange funny quips and interesting stories during the Christmas dinner, making the entire affair a memorable one.

To Be the Life of the Party

Christmas dinner isn’t just an occasion to enjoy delicious food; it’s also a great opportunity to meet new people and make a lasting impression on others. And to do that, you need to become the life of the party. By doing a  gut cleanse beforehand, you can accomplish just that. The fact that you did a cleanse alone is enough to draw people’s attention. Plus, as mentioned above, cleansing helps you stay energized and focused, two things needed to become a party’s center of attention.

To Experience No Constipation

Gut cleansing for three days helps get rid of any waste and toxins in your large intestines. This reduces stomach bloating and relieves constipation. And without these problems, you can enjoy your Christmas dinner even more. Of course, gut cleansing can only prevent short-term constipation. If you’re currently experiencing the chronic version, then best consult your doctor before doing the cleanse.

To Avoid Other Health Problems

But gust cleansing doesn’t just end with preventing bloated stomachs and constipation. It will also help you avoid other health issues, including varicose veins, hemorrhoids, colon cancer, and even some cardiovascular diseases. Gut cleansing has also been noted to improve one’s immunity. By doing a 3-day cleanse before Christmas dinner, you’ll be able to attend it with good health in tow.

To Maintain Your Weight

Finally, a 3-day gut cleanse can help you maintain your weight even after gorging yourself during your Christmas dinner. This allows you to enjoy the food without destroying your hard-earned physique.

Go on a 3-Day Gut Cleanse Before Christmas Dinner

Doing a 3-day gut cleanse prior to your Christmas dinner will make you enjoy your meals more, as well as keep you healthy along the way. So you’d better consider doing it before the dinner date.

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